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Grow are marketing experts who help small businesses to boost their sales and profits

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Grow are one of the UK’s most respected and experienced small business marketing consultancies.

The Grow Team

Alasdair InglisMD and Marketing Guru

Alasdair Inglis
Alasdair’s passion for working with small businesses stems from his childhood in the west coast of Scotland, where his family ran restaurants, farms and a self-catering company. Alasdair has spent more than a decade hatching and implementing marketing strategies. The current Marketing Expert in Residence at the British Library, he develops and delivers marketing workshops for universities and businesses, such as UCL, and has taught on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme.
  • If Alasdair wasn’t doing this he’d be: A songwriter with his own natural perfume for sale.
  • Alasdair’s super power skills: Can spot cashmere at 50 yards, plays a mean guitar and is quite the green thumb. Now, you have to love a guy who likes plants.

Geoff Wilson – Web Development and Content

Geoff Wilson
In his varied career, Geoff has amassed a wealth of technical and writing experience. He worked as a web developer and IT project manager for more than 13 years, delivering projects for clients such as Deutsche Bank, Texaco, Early Learning Centre and the NHS. He then went mad and spent several years writing a series of fantasy novels set in an alternate 19th century where European colonialism has been reversed. After securing a publishing deal with Hodder & Stoughton, he released the trilogy. Now he seeks to combine his interests in coding and content by providing web development and writing services at Grow.
  • If Geoff wasn’t doing this he’d be: Working on the “Great New Zealand Novel”.
  • Geoff’s super power skills: Never giving up on a technical problem. Unless Alasdair physically drags him away from the computer.

Narjice Basaran – Marketing Training and Business Consultant

Narjice Basaran
Narjice’s passion for marketing, sales and business development is infectious. She has a profound understanding of what’s good practice and what’s not. She teaches a broad range of subjects, including project management, and provides invaluable input into the development of Grow’s marketing workshops and presentations.
  • If Narjice wasn’t doing this she’d be: Travelling the world in a caravan with her husband and young daughter.
  • Narjice’s super power skills: Always winning at Monopoly (mostly by fair means) and getting the last word in any conversation, especially with her daughter!

Gbola Gbadamosi – Website and Technical Advisor

Gbola Gbadamosi
Gbola’s diplomatic approach to all matters in life has earned him the nickname of ‘The Professor’. His mild addiction to purchasing shiny gadgetry has resulted in an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things tech, whether it be dual booting Ubuntu on a phone or changing the colour of his dad’s trousers in Photoshop. Gbola’s tireless work behind the scenes ensures that Grow’s IT systems and online presence function smoothly.
  • If Gbola wasn’t doing this he’d be: A technology journalist, so that he could travel the world and play with the latest tech toys.
  • Gbola’s super power skills: He’s able to identify different London buses by just listening to the roar of their engines as they approach.

George Asfour – Strategic and Online Consultant

George comes from an entrepreneurial family and has business interests in Spain, the UK and Ireland. He has fingers in numerous global business pies and has many a story to tell. Our particular favourite is the one about his father giving a sales pitch to Colonel Gadaffi. The pitch was unsuccessful, but it could’ve been worse as Gadaffi was flanked by two tigers!

George has 6 years’ experience in strategy and online marketing. His analytical thinking and problem-solving prowess are key tools in Grow’s marketing toolkit.

  • If George wasn’t doing this he’d be: A flight attendant, in the hope of owning the airline (George Air – watch this space, it’ll be the next Ryan Air).
  • George’s super power skills: Can smell freshly printed cash within a one mile radius and is a skillful purveyor of addictive Broderick’s brownies which he (successfully) tempts the team with.

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